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Utkala Photography Foundation

It's all about creating beautiful images and protect our mother nature through our conservation program

Save Nature, Save Wildlife!

The biggest photography club in Odisha which works on wildlife conservation and make people learn about photography by saving nature. Join our club & learn all genres of photography surrounded by a positive atmosphere & award-winning mentors.

Learn <b>Wildlife</b>

Learn Wildlife

Wildlife photography is all about taking pictures of birds and mammals at their natural habitat without disturbing them.

Learn <b>Candid</b>

Learn Candid

The perfect moment that is captured without creating a posed appearance without the knowledge of your subject.

Learn <b>Macro</b>

Learn Macro

Macro is an extreme close-up photography in which the size of the subject is greater than life-size.

Learn <b>Street & People</b>

Learn Street & People

Subjects captured in crowded situations within public places along with their daily work defining what they are doing.

Learn <b>Landscape</b>

Learn Landscape

Doing photography by traveling places & capturing the presence of nature within the world which is all above.

Learn <b>Sports</b>

Learn Sports

It’s a genre of photography that captures all type of sports which are done in action in different manners.

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